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 LABELLONG Printing Machinery (Taiwan) is located in Baoan, Shenzhen City, China and Taiwan. We specialize in Fully Rotary Relief Printing Presses (Satellite type ranging from 2~22 color, web width 260mm/360mm/460mm/600mm) , Roll to Roll Silk Screen CNC Printing Press (1~3 color, web width 310mm/360mm/450mm), Slitting machine and Plate solarization set. Our products are selected with High Quality components and accessories from Taiwan, Japan, UK and US including Casting/ Forging parts, advanced Sensor/ Controllers for Precision Assembly in Quality and Performance. LABELLONG got the certification of ISO9001 System and CE Certifications to meet the Global Standard in manufacture and technology development in Global Market.

During 2011, LABELLONG took No1 marketshare (23%) in Rotary Letterpress China Market based on [China Labels and Labeling, 2012 Issue-1- The Strategic Investigation and Statistics of 2011 Labels Industry in China]. The Best Sale Model is ZRP260R 7+1 which the new model in 2011  which can go with multi-functional support the Label printing colors and quality performance" to fulfill the most end-users needs in the Market.
In order to meet and fulfill your needs and LABELLONG Service center in located in Shenzhen City, and have  Branches located in  “China East- (Shanghai)”, “China North (Qingdao)” and “China South (Swatow)” in China. LABELLONG products are also exported overseas and have good reputation of quality and performance in East Asia and Europe etc.
As the leader in printing machinery industry, we have strong technology and service support from a Taiwan Team for long-term development. LABELLONG regards reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits with you.


Development Milestone:
1. In 2005, LABELLONG developed the first Silk-screen printing machine (1,2 colors) with in-house technology development center;
2. In 2006 Oct, the first advanced Satellite Type Rotary printing machine (ZRP-260R6c+1) have developed and assembled at China site;
3. In 2007 Aug, the 1st 9 colors “ZRP-260R9C+1” Satellite Type Rotary Label Printer in China Market  form LABELLONG;;
4.In 2008 Oct, the “10 colors Rotary Label Printer with Pre-Cold Stamping” which was new innovation implementation in World Label Printing Industry.
5. In 2010 Jul, the derived 8 colors type- ZRP-260R8C+1 launched to market to match the customized  design in market. 
6.In 2010, the new CNC digital servo control Silk-screen Printing was launched in market. 
7. In 2011 Apr, the New Industry Design of Multi-function and cost/performance in balance of  Rotary Latter press in one for ZRP-260R7C+1which can support “Pre-in process –post cold stamping, Vanish unit plus UV adhesive laminate and Effect Transfer etc.”.
8. In 2011 Apr, LABELLONF launch the Hi-end Model- ZRP-260R15C, 15 colors advanced Satellite Type Rotary printing machine which can meet multi-process cold stamping, Water Cold system, Flexo 15 colors letter press and Roll Screen Print in ONE to achieve the perfect  colors requires and printing speed in ONE time.
9. The new width range of Letterpress for Label Letterpress was launch  by June 2011, which can print the 2011 area to 450mm and with New industry innovation- Ink Operation System  for efficiency  improvement;
10. In the end of 2011, LABELLONG launch the Width Printing Range- 360mm*600mm Silk-Screen printing machine to enlarge the customer products profile in industry requires. 

11. In 2013, October, the New-Model of Silk screen printing machine ZSP310-III-CNC(3 colors) was launched, three colors overprinting finished by one time accurately and the production has gained a great increase.
12. In 2013 November, New designed model of ZRP260R6C+1 with electronic servo control system , which with auto-ink stirring system will make the printing color more even and stable while speed up, moreover, it is run without noise.
13. In 2014, March , New-Model of ZRP260RII8C+1,which design more advanced with material shorten a third to reduce the loss, flexible way for wearing material chromatography  precision and printing technology highly improved.

 14. In 2014, May, the large web width 450mm*450mm silk screen machne was  launched to enlarge
 customer requirement.
 15. In 2015 January,the new designed model ZRP460R13C+1 with a larger web               width and  multi-color launched to solve some complicated problem for                      the  printing industry and   reate some  new market for customers.

16.In 2015. Feburary, the new model ZRP260R4C+1 with compact structure, its   price is competitive and material using will be saved largely, it is good choice for  some special requirement.  
17.In 2015, September, the new model ZRP260RII9C+1 launched which design more     advanced with material shorten a third to reduce the loss, flexible way for wearing        material chromatography  precision and printing technology highly improved.
18. In 2015, Oct. the new model ZRP260RII10C+1 launched which design more advanced     with material shorten a third to reduce the loss, flexible way for wearing  material       chromatography precision  and printing  technology highly improved.
19.In 2015 Dec. Innovative combined model of ZRP260R10C+2C which combined by  ZRP260R4C+1 and ZRP260R6C+1.

20.In 2016. Jan. Innovative combined model of ZRP260R14C+2C which combined by     ZRP260R4C+1  and ZRP260R10C+1.

 The Innovative combined models was highly recommended by customers, because the 2 models can be operated independently or combined as a multi-color machne with 3 uses based on requirement to save cost, meet multi-color and multi-function printing technology.


The Roadmap of New Machine Design-  Printing Machinery (MA 3-series) could be flexible for units change in Offset, Letterpress, Flexo, Screen printing, Rotogravure in ONE in printing process  and also run with Die-cutter, Cold-stamping, side-printing and winding system during process for All-in-One design.





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